It’s strange. Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t care less about my birthday, but now, it’s something to look forward to. Why? Because every birthday now, means I made it one more year after being told I had cancer.

But that’s not the only milestone now. Oct. 8th is the anniversary of the day I went into the ER with severe abdominal pains, which led to my emergency surgery, temporary ostomy and cancer.

Feb. 18th is the anniversary of my MOAS. Feb. 22nd is our wedding anniversary. For the rest of our lives (which I hope will be a very long time), those two events will be forever linked.

July 6th is the anniversary of my exploratory surgery and ostomy reversal, which, believe me, was a big day.

So, every day, that is somehow related to my cancer, is an occasion I celebrate. It is one more reminder that I am alive, and I made it to one more milestone.