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The lionhearted Kat, author of her first book, Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband Gary, a PMP survivor. The Crawfords celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary February 18, 2009 and Gary celebrated his 5th MOAS anniversary on February 25.

In January 2007, Dr. Loggie read Gary’s latest CT scan and said, “I see no sign of PMP.” Kat celebrated and gave up her caregiver duties. In March of 2009 Dr. Loggie said, “The Old Curmudgeon looks so good he should be our poster person.”

Over the past two years Gary and Kat changed roles. He became housekeeper and cook along with his being gardener, biker, and avid table tennis player. “Needed to give my book lady more time to write,” Gary says.

Kat still works in medical billing and published, Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers. More than a memoir, the book is a resource of help and hope to most caregivers in almost any caregiver situation.

Kat is now published in twelve anthologies (Chicken Soup type publications), numerous magazines and writes for the Plattsmouth Journal. She has a heart for caregivers and is holding Caregiver Seminars built around the Capsules of Hope theme—moments of encouragement and inspiration for the caregivers and the caregiver of the caregivers.

For more information about author Kat and PMPer Gary, visit www.capsulesofhope.com and her blog—Straight From the Lion’s Mouth or sftlm.blogspot.com  

You can contact Kat at: lionheartedkat@cox.net for autographed copies of her books. 











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